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We initiate and support your ERP system integration through the whole process making sure equal importance is placed on each stage. We will plan and manage every stage with you, supporting you throughout:
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Industry Specific Solutions
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GITS Consulting provide innovative and customized services. Feel free to contact our sales office for more information on solutions tailored to your business needs.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Industry Specific Solutions

Consolidate your finance and accounting systems into one fully featured centralised solution.

Deliver optimum costumer service and increase satisfaction leading to enhanced costumer loyalty.

Provide greater visibility and control to simplify supply chain operations and increase profitability.

Adaptable manufacturing solutions to fulfil the ever changing needs and requirements of customers.

Make informed decisions and gain greater control with a detailed insight into overall project performance.

Increase customers and sales using a complete set of tools to manage campaigns and pursue

Provide accurate, up-to-date information to allow employees to make fast, informed decisions.    

Save time and take control of your human resource processes with a secure and easy to use solution.

Provide enhanced service across all areas of a hotel with one fully featured and simple to use system.

We provide a full range of solutions within Dynamics NAV, tailored for specific industries. We have a high level of experience using the standard features in the system and utilising them to get the most from the extensive range of functions available. When it comes to more company specific needs and requirements, we have developed additional feature sets per industry with defined "out-of-the-box" enhancements to make working even easier. Where you have individual, specific needs for a certain end use, we can customise the system to fit exactly as you and your team needs it to work.

For more information about our Industry Specific solutions or to discuss anything regarding ERP, contact us:

Email: enquiries@dynamics-consultants.co.uk Phone: +44 (0) 845 225 0005

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GITS Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Partner, specialising in enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, support and development services for Microsoft Dynamics ® NAV (Navision).

To find out more detail about Enterprise Resource Planning, visit our “What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?” page for further information. .....more about us
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